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The luxurious fabric created by Bareeze is Pakistan’s most significant fashion brand for many years. It really is had by the parent company, Sefam Private Limited. As well as Bareeze, you will find an additional 12 fashion brands that have acquired reputation country wide and worldwide under Sefam. Bareeze Man, Kayseria, Leisure Club, Home Expressions by Bareeze, Rungja, Urban Culture as well as Minnie Minors is all section of the Sefam fashion family members. Today we are going to share Latest Bareeze Luxury Winter Embroidered Dresses Shawls Designs along with you!


The Bareeze fabrics are created domestically, offered across all major cities of Pakistan as well as international exports to the Middle East, The united states, South Asia, South East Asia as well as Europe. Throughout the year the style house creates designs best for formal occasions as well as semi-formal wear with greatly embroidered motifs and also threadwork.

Bareeze-Luxury-Winter-Embroidered-Dresses-Shawls-Designs-2 Bareeze-Luxury-Winter-Embroidered-Dresses-Shawls-Designs-3

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Their motivation comes from a heavy knowledge of eastern Indian Pakistan called Indo-Pakistani cultures in design. Fast fashion has turn into a staple collection of several fashion brands however the innovators of this idea were the Bareeze business owners. They thought that women are interested unstitched fabric off the racks rather than waiting for the local artisan and tailor to customized create them a design.

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The material provided by Bareeze is a comprehensive formal suit with embroidered neckline, completely included front and back embroidered shirt, intensely embellished borders to both the daman and sleeves. Preferably used to weddings and formal functions prior to or after the main receptions. It provides women who are searching for classic designs grounded in ethnic traditions and design. Complete right here to explore bareeze embroidery designs.

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