Orient Winter Unstitched Karandi Collection 2020


Newly, Orient Textiles vibrant women winter collection 2020 karandi embroidered unstitched volume-I have recently introduced.

Unstitched 1PC Embroidered Karandi Shirt

These embroidered dresses are including limited winter wear dresses. Every dress has over-emphasized with embroidered karandi. It is full of the real fashion alchemy showcasing strong strength styling whilst preserving the dress’s beauty.

These unstitched 1PC embroidered cottel shirts are perfect for women with high-quality fabrics. Its also for improving is attractiveness.

1 Rich, attractive palettes in warmer woven fabrics enriches you to enjoy this new journey with a sense of comfort. Orient’s latest unstitched Winter 2020 Collection will make your time joyful in the middle of the cold instances with easy yet classic winter pieces and profound embroideries.

Orient Unstitched 1PC Printed Khaddar Shirt Unstitched 1PC Embosed Karandi Shirt Unstitched 1PC Embroidered Cottel Shirt 2020 Unstitched 1PC Embroidered Cottel Shirt Unstitched 1PC Printed Khaddar Shirt Unstitched 3PC Embroidered Karandi Suit


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