Sapphire Unstitched Day to Day Lawn Dresses 2020 Collection


Looking for an outfit that’s not too heavy on your pocket? Sapphire brings you everyday wear like never before. Sapphire all-new Day to Day Dresses collection is all about gorgeous outfits for you, at staggeringly low prices. Launching 12th September online at 9PM and 13th September in-stores.


Looking for everyday clothes at the best prices? Sapphire brings you daily wear like never before. Launching 13th September.


Shop this gorgeous Day to Day ensemble at a price as low as Rs.1,990 online, or in-store tomorrow.

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Without being too heavy on the pocket, Sapphire latest Day to day collection is for everyone who wants to look effortlessly fashionable. Going live online at 9PM tonight, and in-store tomorrow.


For all those who are on a lookout for amazing black ensembles, Sapphire Day to Day collection is your go-to this season.


Want to update your wardrobe without it being too heavy on your pocket? Day to Day is just the right collection for you. Get exclusive access to it online tonight at 9PM.

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Sapphire brings you a capsule collection that strikes the perfect balance between looking luxuriously stylish and great prices. Sapphire Day to day collection launches online 12th September at 9PM, and in-store 13th September.


Dress in the trendiest color as a last hoorah to Summers. Sapphire Day to Day collection launches online 12th September at 9PM, and in-store 13th September onward.


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