Sarah Khan Lambastes Agha Ali for Breaking Up With Her


Sarah Khan made her screen debut with a supporting role in the 2012 Hum TV’s television serial Badi Aapa, and followed it with brief roles in several successful television series.


Speaking to Urdu News, the actress said that she believes that she made the right decision during the time when she and Agha Ali pursued a relationship. However, as time went on, things didn’t work out between them and that’s when the actress decided that she has to move on.

Ali crossed all limits and caused me a great amount of distress and heartache. However, she can’t stoop to his level. This is why I broke up with him.

Now I have decided for an arranged marriage and will surprise my fans soon.”

The actress now plans to have an arranged marriage soon! 

Sarah also said that now she plans to have an arranged marriage and will soon surprise her fans.

In addition to talking about her heartbreak, she also shared as to why she hasn’t stepped into films yet.


Sarah Khan on her Career

Fans remember that the two became the talk of the town after starring together in Band Khirkian. It was during this time that the two grew close together.

Looking back, Sarah does not have fond memories about that project. She particular singled out how women were shown as weak in the drama. She regrets that she ever took on such a project and will make sure to do better in her future endeavors.

During the interview, Sarah Khan repeated her distaste for working in films. This is because she doesn’t want to work in any project where she has to ‘show her skin.’


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