Sonam Kapoor’s Stance On India-Pakistan Conflict


View of Sonam Kapoor on Kashmir concern and ban of Bollywood films In Pakistan.

The persisted conflict among India and Pakistan has created air of stress in both nations. Many celebrities have shared their view, a few were being realistic while others reinforced choice taken by India. In most this, the fashion diva Sonam Kapoor shared her view and she did quite nicely to create her point.


Whilst talking to the BBC Asian Network, she started out about the present political scenario of the region, her family’s links to Pakistan and Pakistan’s ban on Indian content. She sounds practical and stated:

“It’s sad to see in which the situation offers got right now and I’m really patriotic,” the actor started. “So I think to me now it’s far better to keep quiet and enable this move because even this too will pass. “I think our own countries were one country such as 70 years ago and also the fact that there is certainly so much divisive national politics at play is really heart-breaking.”

She additional added, “I think it’s very complex and I don’t comprehend it as much as there is so much different and contrary news almost everywhere, so I really don’t understand what the truth is.”

She discussed that she will be participating further once she has better knowledge of this conflict.


“I believe in possessing a peaceful task and understanding what’s happening. So when I have the entire information is when I believe I can provide an opinion.”

Kapoor discussed her family links in Pakistan, “I am half Sindhi as well as half Peshawari. It’s sad to see part of my tradition is something which I can’t discover as well because of that. “I am Sonam. I was named after my parents went to Kashmir and are there for a while these were shooting for Ram Lakhan and they chose to name me from there. I even now haven’t been there since due to unrest.”


The fashion diva indicated her emotions on ban of Bollywood films in Pakistan.

“As an artist, you wish to be represented everywhere and you would like your work to be demonstrated everywhere,” the actor exposed. “Neerja wasn’t demonstrated in Pakistan, even though it was a correct story since the plane landed in Karachi and the hijack occurred in Karachi, and it didn’t in any way show Pakistan in a unfavorable light at all.”

She contiued, “The actual fact they didn’t show the film there was clearly really tragic for me. I have a huge Pakistani following as well as my two close friends are Muslims and half Pakistanis.”


She sounds quite practical and believe Priyanka Chopra will take some notes.


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