8 Engrossing Tips for Having Such Beautiful Eyes That Can Make People Say “This Girl Is a Princess”


8 Engrossing Tips for Having Such Beautiful Eyes That Can Make People Say “This Girl Is a Princess”

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Every girl wants to look like a Disney princess, and quite honestly, there’s nothing wrong with it. Whether we talk about princess Jasmine, Ariel, or Belle, all of them had one thing in common – huge doe-eyes.

“Eyes are the windows to the soul.” So, they must look remarkable and incredible all the time to impress others.

If you don’t know how to make your eyes look beautiful, there is nothing to worry about because we have got you covered here.

Today, we are going to discuss 8 ways of putting a mark on others with your eyes.

1. Eyelid Tape Can Do Wonders

Girls who want youthful eye lift can use eyelid strips to look mesmerizing.

One of the reasons we recommend our readers use these tapes is that they can last for a whole day, so you don’t have to worry about getting them fixed every-now-and-then.

As these tapes are colorless, so nobody will get to know why your eyes are looking stunning than ever.Beautiful Eyes Prince Girl 1Moreover, these eyelid strips are transparent and hypoallergenic, so there won’t be any sort of issues associated with them.

2. Brighten Your Waterline

If you have read the beauty bible, you must be aware of the fact how important lining your lower waterline can be.

Don’t you know how to choose the best possible color for your eyeliner? Well, we are here for your assistance.

We recommend you use pale-colored eyeliner to give your eyes an astonishing feel.

One can use a white pencil liner to have a dramatic effect, but the use of a beige liner is suggested because of a more natural feel.

Pro Tip:No matter how amazing your liner is, it won’t last long because you may blink your eyes 1500 times a day. So, it’s better to have your eyeliner alongside when you are outside.

3. Highlight Like A Pro Makeup Artist

Highlighters are often used for cheekbones to give them a new life, but they can be used to open up your eyes in the best possible fashion.

Now comes the question, where to use eyebrow pencils on the eye, right? Let us explain it to you in a detailed manner.

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Highlighters can be used on your brow bone to lift your brow, on the inner corner of your eyes, and on the center of the lid.

Doing this can give your eyes an engrossing feel that is needed to leave an impression.

4. Strategically Use Concealer

Do you know the best thing about the use of concealer? It can be used on both the outer and inner corner of your eyes. These are the two areas that tend to look darker, and concealer can make them look as bright as possible.

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Not only will you be able to beautify your eyes by using concealer, but you make them look bigger as well.

Expert Opinion:Make sure you use concealers of different colors to counteract discoloration.

5. Lift Your Lashes

Girls often use mascara to make a massive difference to their eyes, so imagine how extraordinary a right pair of false lashes can look.

However, you need to be absolutely sure about a particular style of false lashes for your eye shape. Do you there are different types of eyes?

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So, you better get to know whether you have almond, round, hooded, or deep-set eyes to choose the most suitable eyelashes.

Potential Risk:If you don’t choose the right eyelashes keeping in mind your eye types, your eyes will look smaller than normal. And that’s the last thing you can expect before going to an event.

6. Low Lash Line Is Also Important

A doe-eyed look is something every girl is dreamed of. How about we suggest you something to have this doe-eye look?

Use mascara to your lower lashes, and your eyes will be opened up in the most astonishing fashion.

Pro Tip: Use brown mascara to give your eyes a softer look. A colored-mascara can also be sued to have a softer feel.

One of the most ingenious ways of elongating your eyes is to add a little eyeliner to the outer corner of the low lash line.

One more thing – don’t forget to smoke your eyes out by using a soft brown eyeshadow. Last but not least, never go for harsh lines, because they can make your eyes look smaller than normal.

7. Define Your Crease

It doesn’t matter you need a natural look or a smoky eye; you need to tailor your eyeshadow and define your crease.

No-makeup-makeup look is one of the most exceptional looks girls love for an event, and it can be achieved with the help of a light brown shade in the crease.

Action Tip: Always build your eyeshadow slowly with the help of a soft fluffy brush to have a natural feel and to make an impact.

8. Wing It

Rather than an ordinary eyeliner, why don’t you use winged eyeliner to create an illusion for bigger eyes?

Yes, you have read it right. Winged eyeliners can make your small eyes look bigger.

All you have to do is avoid using heavy eyeliners on the upper lid of your eye because this way, your eyes will start looking smaller than real.

In order to put a mark with your eyes, draw a thin line right above your lashes, and tapper the eyeliner outwards from the last third of your lashes to have a subtle flick.

Bottom Line

“Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.”Eyes are that much important.

It doesn’t matter how sensational dress you have worn and how classy your makeup is; if your eyes look substandard, you won’t be able to impress others with your overall personality.

We hope you liked the article, and it has helped you understand how taking care of your eyes can have a significant impact on your appearance.

So, what are you waiting for? Try the aforementioned tips to stun others with your eyes.